CellPAINT-VR is a virtual reality environment being developed to engage learners in topics relating to the structures of viruses and cells using multi-player virtual and augmented reality technology.

Our first application of CellPAINT-VR is “Virus Symmetry” which places learners in the context of several different workstations that promote activities that demonstrate the nature of icosahedral viruses, including virus capsid function, symmetry, quasi-symmetry, Caspar-Klug theory, as well as creative generative design.

Two videos show the activities within the app, and the virtual and augmented utilization.

A six-minute video shows the activities in the Virus Symmetry application from a single user perspective:

A two-minute video shows the multi-player and augmented reality utilization:

The application, which runs most easily on the Meta Quest headsets, is available through the following link:



CellPAINT is a new program for creating illustrations of HIV, blood serum, and T-cells based on experimental molecular structures. Using the program, you can draw membranes and add molecules to build up a custom scene. We are actively looking for beta testers to help us improve the program. You can download the program at http://cellpaint.scripps.edu.