Research Highlights

The central theme of the HIVE Center is to further our structural and functional knowledge of HIV assembly, maturation, reverse transcription, and integration with the human host with the goal of determining the atomic resolution structures and the dynamic mechanisms of the macromolecular complexes involved in these processes. The ultimate aim is to relate this knowledge to the evolution of drug resistance and to the improvement of drug design methodologies in the treatment of HIV infected individuals.

Use the left menu to explore publications from the HIVE Center (as compiled by NIH Reporter for U54AI150472 and U54AI170855). Links are provided to the journal publication, the abstract at PubMed, and in most cases, a free version of the full publication at PubMed Central. Note that for some of the most recent articles, the PubMed Central version may be embargoed by the journal for up to a year.

B-HIVE Structure Highlights