Research Highlights

The central theme of the HIVE Center is to further our structural and functional knowledge of HIV assembly, maturation, reverse transcription, and integration with the human host with the goal of determining the atomic resolution structures and the dynamic mechanisms of the macromolecular complexes involved in these processes. The ultimate aim is to relate this knowledge to the evolution of drug resistance and to the improvement of drug design methodologies in the treatment of HIV infected individuals.

This page includes publications from the HIVE Center (as compiled by NIH Reporter). Links are provided to the journal publication, the abstract at Pubmed, and in many cases, a free version of the full publication at Pubmed Central. Note that for some of the most recent articles, the Pubmed Central version may be embargoed by the journal for up to a year.

B-HIVE Members Presentations at the 2022 Retroviral Meeting at Cold Spring Harbor

HIV-1 restriction by SERINC5 involves conformational changes in glycoprotein envelope that lead to loss of its function

Mariana Marin, Junghwa Kirschman, Gregory B. Melikyan

Manipulation of the central pore in capsomers reveals key insights into the role of IP6 in capsid function

Alex B. Kleinpeter, Donna L. Mallery, Nadine Renner, Leo C. James, Eric O. Freed

MX2 viral substrate breadth and inhibitory activity are regulated by protein phosphorylation

Gilberto Betancor, Madeleine Bangham, Steven Lynham, Jun K. Jeon, Kanisha Shah, Michael H. Malim

Prion-like low complexity regions enable avid virus-host interactions during HIV-1 infection

Guochao Wei, Naseer Iqbal, Ashwanth C. Francis, Arun S. Annamalai, Stephanie Bester, Parmit K. Singh, Szu-Wei Huang, Nikoloz Shkriabai, Reed Haney, Vineet N. KewalRamani, Alan N. Engelman, Gregory B. Melikyan, Francisco Asturias, Mamuka Kvaratskhelia

DDX3 and eIF4G1 regulate the kinetics of HIV-1 trafficking to nuclear speckles

Szu-Wei Huang, KyeongEun Lee, Hyun Jae Yu, Parmit K. Singh, Guochao Wei, Stephanie V. Rebensburg, Mamuka Kvaratskhelia, Alan Engelman, Vineet N. KewalRamani

Reverse transcription of long viral DNA is required to trigger efficient HIV-1 uncoating

Ryan C. Burdick, Wei-Shau Hu, Vinay K. Pathak

HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein regulates double-stranded DNA compaction and capsid uncoating during reverse transcription

Ioulia Rouzina, Helena Gien, Michael Morse, Micah J. McCauley, Jonathan P. Kitzrow, Karin Musier-Forsyth, Robert J. Gorelick, Mark C. Williams

Lenacapavir potently impairs HIV-1 integration inside the nucleus without displacing CPSF6 from viral capsid

Arun S. Annamalai, Guochao Wei, Naseer Iqbal, Ashwanth C. Francis, Stephanie Bester, Nikoloz Shkriabai, Gregory B. Melikyan, Francisco Asturias, Mamuka Kvaratskhelia

Timely chromatin invasion during mitosis dictates PFV integration site selection

Floriane Lagadec, Parmit K. Singh, Erik Serrao, Dirk Lindemann, Alan N. Engelman, Peter Cherepanov, Vincent Parissi, Paul Lesbats

Understanding the resistance profile of the second-generation INSTIs

Steven Smith, Min Li, Dario Passos, Xue Zhi Zhao, Robert Craigie, Dmitry Lyumkis, Terrence R. Burke, Jr, Stephen H. Hughes

Efforts toward deciphering mechanisms of resistance to integrase strand transfer inhibitors

Min Li, Dario O. Passos, Avik Biswas, Allan Haldane, Indrani Choudhuri, Zhaoyang Li, Nanjie Deng, Steven J. Smith, Xue-Zhi Zhao, Terrence R. Burke, Stephen H. Hughes, Ronald Levy, Robert Craigie, Dmitry Lyumkis

Simultaneous sequencing of full-length host cell and HIV-1 transcripts without PCR amplification

Christian M. Gallardo, Anh-Viet T. Nguyen, Andrew L. Routh, Bruce E. Torbett

Elements in the 5’ untranslated region of viral RNA important for Gag recognition

Zetao Cheng, Olga A. Nikolaitchik, Alice Duchon, Jonathan M. Rawson, Vinay K. Pathak, Wei-Shau Hu

Emergence of compensatory mutations reveal the importance of electrostatic interactions between HIV-1 integrase and genomic RNA

Christian Shema Mugisha, Tung Dinh, Kasyap Tenneti, Jenna E. Eschbach, Keanu Davis, Robert Gifford, Mamuka Kvaratskhelia, Sebla B. Kutluay

Inhibition of neutral sphingomyelinase 2 blocks HIV-1 maturation

Abdul A. Waheed, Seung Wan Yoo, Ferri Soheilian, Eva Agostino, Lwar Naing, Pragney Deme, Yanan Zhu, Yun Song, Peijun Zhang, Barbara Slusher, Norman Haughey, Eric Freed

Structures of immature HTLV-1 assemblies reveal a novel CA arrangement in deltaretrovirus particles

Martin Obr, Andreas Thader, Darya Chernikova, Gergely Pinke, Robert Dick, Florian Schur

High resolution structure determination of the mature HIV capsid lattice using cryo-ET and cryo-EM

Carolyn M. Highland, Aaron Tan, John A G. Briggs, Robert A. Dick

HTLV-1 Gag purification, cellular interactome, and in vitro chaperone activity

Yu-Ci Syu, Joshua Hatterschide, Yingke Tang, Jacob Al-Saleem, Amanda R. Panfil, Patrick L. Green, Karin Musier-Forsyth

Structural details of HIV maturation inhibitor binding determined by cryo-EM

Savannah G. Brancato, Robert A. Dick

Drug resistance and hypersensitivity of various HIV-1 subtypes to Islatravir

Maria E. Cilento, Philip R. Tedbury, Obiaara B. Ukah, Eiichi N. Kodama, Hiroaki Mitsuya, Michael A. Parniak, Karen A. Kirby, Stefan G. Sarafianos

Real-time imaging of HIV-1 protease activation in single newly assembled virions

Yinglin Li, Yen-Cheng Chen, Mariana Marin, Ashwanth C. Francis, Gregory B. Melikian

Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome drives emergence of HIV drug-resistance from multiple anatomic compartments

Camille Lange, Andrea Lisco, Christina Gavegnano, Maura Manion, Mary-Elizabeth Zipparo, Lindsey Adams, Frank Maldarelli, Irini Sereti

Immune correlates of cell-associated HIV RNA levels in infected individuals undergoing long-term antiretroviral therapy

Chuen-Yen Lau, Thuy Nguyen, Matthew Adan, Robert Gorelick, Jeannette Higgins, Jessica Earhart, Ariana Savramis, Catherine Rehm, Robin Dewar, Deborah McMahon, Anuradha Ganesan, Brian Luke, Frank Maldarelli

Highlights from the HIVE Center

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