The 7th International Conference on Retroviral Integration will be held in 2023 from July 31 to August 4 at the University of Colorado in Boulder. An in-person format is expected to facilitate lively and productive exchange between participants. We will follow the safety procedures mandated by the State of Colorado and implemented by the University of Colorado. All attendees are expected to be vaccinated against COVID.

Integration is the hallmark step of retroviral replication and integrase strand-transfer inhibitors (INSTIs) are an integral part of front-line therapies used to treat people living with HIV. Recent years have witnessed major advances in structural biology of retroviral intasomes, elucidated underlying mechanisms of drug-resistance to INSTIs, developed new types of allosteric HIV integrase inhibitors, and established relationships between sites of integration and HIV latency. These exciting discoveries will be featured at the meeting. Main topics will include:

  • Structure and function of retroviral intasomes/preintegration complexes
  • Host and viral factors in integration
  • Nuclear import of HIV-1 cores/preintegration complexes
  • Integrase strand transfer inhibitors and drug resistance mechanisms
  • New antiretroviral compounds
  • Integrase function during virion maturation
  • Integration site selectivity, latency, and gene therapy
  • Orthologous systems (retrotransposons; DNA transposons)

Please visit the meeting website for information on registration, abstract submission, confirmed speakers, preliminary program, and recreation.

We look forward to seeing you in beautiful Boulder, Colorado!

Mamuka Kvaratskhelia, University of Colorado

Alan Engelman, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Duane Grandgenett, St. Louis University

Goedele Maertens, Imperial College London

Kristine Yoder, The Ohio State University